Started my new role at ClearBank.
Switched from Google Analytics to Plausible, a privacy-friendly analytics platform.
Published a new article: Understanding JSON Web Encryption (JWE)
Updated an old article: JSON Web Encryption in .NET
Released a new Pluralsight course: JWT Fundamentals.
Migrated newsletter from Revue to Substack.
Handed in my notice 🎉 But started a 3 month notice period 😭
Started creating a new Pluralsight course called JWT Fundamentals
Led my team through a difficult company restructure.
Spoke at DDD South West.
Delivered two talks at the Software Design & Development conference in London: 2. Stop blaming your users for bad passwords 4. How to build a modern SSO stack with ASP.NET Core
Added a call to action for my newsletter to my website's sidebar.
Blocked traffic from Russia & Belarus, asking that the reader instead consider protesting the invasion of Ukraine. This request is seen by around 50 people per day. https://www.dec.org.uk/appeal/uk...
Updated an old article on why you should not use OAuth's ROPC grant, adding up-to-date arguments, softening the tone, and improving the structure.
Published an article on the UK's Open Banking standards, aimed at developers proficient with OAuth and OpenID Connect.
Published an article on a standards-based approach to step-up authentication (OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML).
Introduced a sidebar for XL screens on scottbrady91.com and introduced Carbon ads.
Published my Year in Review for 2021.
Published an article titled "Umbraco frontend membership SSO using OpenID Connect" requested by someone on twitter.
Released a small online tool for creating JWKs and JWTs so that I can create test and sample data with ease.
Published an article titled "Goodbye, Rock Solid Knowledge; Hello, 10x Banking"
Updated and reblogged an old article titled "The dangers of SAML IdP-Initiated SSO".
Published a new article called "Understanding identity tokens".
Met my team for the first time in person.
Solved an async bug around ConcurrentDictionary and Lazy<T>
Architected a new B2B authentication flow, working around existing design decisions, reducing customer costs and time to market while still driving a standards-based approach. It was great to be pr...
Wrote an article titled "Umbraco backoffice SSO with OpenID Connect".
Started my new role at 10x Banking.
Took some time to learn a bit about frontend frameworks by working through tutorials on Webpack and React with an aim to build a new tool on my website.
Took some time off before my new role. Officially, I'm unemployed!
Said an emotional goodbye to my colleagues at Rock Solid Knowledge.
Updated my "Implementing Sign in with Apple in ASP.NET Core" article to reflect Apple's improvements (they now implement OpenID Connect).
Updated my website to use all lowercase URLs 😬 #yolo
Published an article titled "How I use Polywork to overcome impostor syndrome"
Started mentoring Sundas Choudry, a software developer early in her career.
Created scottbrady91.com
Raised money for Penny Brohn by taking part in "Stomp", their 8-mile charity walk.
Released a new version of my ASP.NET Core Identity password hasher for Argon2, with the help of community contributions.
Gave a guest lecture for the University of West England's (UWE) MSc Cybersecurity students, titled "Let's stop blaming our users for getting hacked when it is our problem to solve".
Delivered another one-day training course on OAuth, OpenID Connect, and IdentityServer.
Delivered a one-day training course on OAuth, OpenID Connect, and IdentityServer.
Awarded an Umbraco MVP award for 2021.