Scott Brady

  • @scottbrady
  • I help developers learn OAuth and web security.
  • He/Him
  • Bristol, United Kingdom
Team Lead (identity) at 10x Banking, Pluralsight Author, and Speaker. I specialize in IdentityServer and all things Authentication, Identity, OAuth, and OpenID Connect.

In my day job at 10x Banking, I am a combination of team lead and technical product manager, leading a team of experienced IAM specialists while also championing identity standards and helping with design & architecture.

Previously, at Rock Solid Knowledge, I was a software developer who created identity solutions for customers and developed commercial products for the IdentityServer open-source project. This allowed me to play with older protocols such as SAML & WS-Federation and cutting-edge technologies such as FIDO2.

I mainly work with C# and ASP.NET Core, but otherwise, I dabble with languages such as Kotlin, Go, and JavaScript.

I sometimes make an appearance on the speaking circuit, whether it's user groups, conferences, or recorded.

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